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Hire pre-vetted ReactJS developers and scale up front-end product engineering for your business clients. Qualified and experienced to work on small to scalable projects.

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  • Flexible Hiring
  • Faster Delivery
  • 100% Code Ownership

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What BOT ReactJS Developers
Bring to The Table?

At BOT, our ReactJS developers provide visually appealing and engaging user interfaces for web apps. Partner with us, and drive real value to your business clients.

Screened ReactJS Experts

Access a pre-vetted pool of 50+ certified ReactJS developers experienced in ReactJS fundamentals, ES6, Redux, Git toolkit, and other popular tools and technologies.

International Coding Standards

Our ReactJS developers write clean, understandable, and scalable code that is in compliance with the highest coding standards such as W3C and ECMAScript.


With BOT as your offshore ReactJS dev partner, you can enjoy flexible hiring for your business clients. From a single developer to a team of 4-5 or any custom hiring arrangement.

On-Time Delivery

Our ReactJS developers are familiar with sprint and modern methods of agile development practices. Incrementally delivering value and adapting to varying project needs.

Client Confidentiality

BOT signs comprehensive NDAs that ensure your business clients will retain 100% product code ownership. Experience complete peace of mind.

Dedicated Support

With BOT, you can hire ReactJS Developers according to your preferred time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST). Dedicated and committed to delivering excellent customer service, 24/7.

The Backends Our ReactJS
Developers Work With

At BOT, our full-stack developers work with the best backends for React to create apps that cater to specific user needs. Dive in and select the best app development compatibility for your next project.

ReactJS + Node

Hire ReactJS developers from us who are proficient in Node.js and can build scalable, cross-platform web apps.

ReactJS + Django

Harness the popular compatibility for building highly-customizable and feature-rich web apps, faster and cheaper.

ReactJS + Express JS

Our full-stack developers integrate ReactJS with Express to create and scale web apps, easily and quickly.

ReactJS + Firebase

Our ReactJS experts integrate Firebase for building rich, scalable, and collaborative web and mobile apps.

ReactJS + Docker

Dockerize with ReactJS developers hired from us. We ensure the apps are developed and deployed faster than you imagined.

ReactJS + Asp.Net

Our ReactJS developers build unique and dynamic apps using ASP.Net Core as the best backend framework.

ReactJS + Ruby on Rails

Hire ReactJS developers with expertise in using Ruby on Rails and expedite the development of web apps with extra features and functionalities.

ReactJS + Heroku

Experienced in building ReactJS apps using Heroku. Our team deploys Heroku as the best backend support for React Apps.

ReactJS + Python

Our ReactJS + Python experts build outstanding web applications for startups, scaleups, and enterprises.

Looking to Hire ReactJS App Developers?

BOT enables you to hire the best ReactJS app developers without spending your valuable business time and money. Share what’s on your mind and we will put everything together for your next project.

Hire ReactJS Developers from
BOT vs Hiring In-House

Building UIs is a huge deal. Either you can let your front-end engineers do the needful or you can outsource to a remote team of ReactJS developers

Weigh your options and decide what’s best for your business.

Parameters of Comparison Hire ReactJS Developers from BOT Hiring In-House
Time to recruit Less than 7 Days 30-45 Days
Cost of development Low High
Resource Availability At Client’s Requested Time Absenteeism May Impact
Diverse Skills High May or May Not Be Adequate
Flexibility of Scaling High Low
Agile Development Yes Uncertain
Resource Replacement Fast Slow
IT Tools and Technologies Advanced High or Low
Termination Costs Low High
Project Delivery Time Faster Dependent on Work Load

Hiring ReactJS Developers Made Easy & Quick

Gain access to all the information before you partner with BOT.


Start with 7-Day Free Trial

With BOT, you have 40 hrs of our development time for your project. Hire and continue even after the trial period.


Need Consultation Before Hiring?

Contact us and speak to one of our consultants. Share your project idea, preferences, tech stacks, and more.


Have Questions?

Experience professional customer service, 24/7. Live chat, video call, or email. We are happy to help.

Our ReactJS Technology Stack

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building create dynamic and interactive web applications. Discover various front-end and back-end tools, frameworks, libraries, and other technologies used.

Our ReactJS Development Process

At BOT, our ReactJS development team works together to successfully accomplish your project goals. Have a look at it:


Project Analysis

Our team will run initial discussions to analyze your project needs.


Designing & Development

Our agile team designs and develops web apps using the latest tools and technologies.


Post-Deployment Support

Our team provides dedicated app support and maintenance for optimal performance, safety, and software updates.



Our team prepares and shares the blueprint with the client, including project deliverables and timelines.


Testing & Deployment

Our team performs comprehensive QA testing before deploying the app.

Hire ReactJS Developers for
End-To-End Services

At Build Offshore Team, our ReactJS developers strive to achieve evolving project goals and requirements. Standard or scalable; simple or complex; big or small. We have a proven track record of successful ReactJS app development.

ReactJS Product Development

Get robust, feature-rich, and result-driven web products for your business clients. Have an idea? We can be your ReactJS dev partners.

ReactJS Front-End Development

Tap into our certified ReactJS developers and get business-driven applications like SPAs, PWAs, and dynamic web pages.

React Native App Development

Our seasoned ReactJS developers provide mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms with 100% guaranteed user satisfaction.

ReactJS App Migration

Leverage our experience in successfully migrating business apps into the ReactJS platform without incurring any data or business loss.

ReactJS App Testing

Our ReactJs developers assure high-quality and 100% bug-free web apps adhering to acceptable global QA and testing standards.

ReactJS Integration

Get the best-in-class ReactJS integration services for web apps. Improve the functionality and overall user experience.

ReactJS UI/UX Development

Our ReactJS developers use the best UI/UX practices to engineer user interfaces that drive user experiences across all devices.

ReactJS Plugin Development

Our ReactJS specialists work on developing custom plugins to render additional features for your business applications.

ReactJS Support & Maintenance

Hire ReactJS developers for dedicated app support and maintenance services, 24/7.

Why Hire Us As Your Offshore
Team in India?



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How Hiring ReactJS Developers Works

At BOT, you can hire the best ReactJS developers for your next project. Screen, hire, and you are good to go.


Share Your Project Needs.


Screen and Shortlist Candidates.


Hire and Start Onboarding.


Kick Start Your Project!

Our Engagement Models

BOT provides three engagement models depending on your project deliverables, budget, and timeline.


Dedicate/Project Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Time & Hourly Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Retainer/Fixed Cost Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Hiring Guide for ReactJS Developers

React JS is still in demand with nearly 42.62% of websites using ReactJS for creating dynamic and interactive user interface components. All thanks to its fast and flexible results, the JavaScript library is used for the front-end development of business web apps.

Here are some of the compelling reasons that make hiring ReactJS developers a need:

  • Quick development: ReactJS allows developers to reuse code components that significantly reduce the development time and improve time to market.
  • Excellent user experience: ReactJS enables developers to build amazing user interfaces that drive users to entice and engage with the business.
  • High performance: ReactJS is one of the best frameworks for building result-driven web apps for businesses of all sizes.
  • Improved Security: ReactJS developers can help you secure your web app that protects user data against unauthorized access.
  • ReactJS is compatible with different platforms. In fact, you can reuse the same code to build apps for a wider audience.
  • Large community: ReactJS has a large and active community of developers who contribute to its development, provide support, and share knowledge and resources.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring ReactJS developers can be cost-effective because the library is open-source, and there are many free resources available for developers to use.

Overall, hiring ReactJS developers can put you in an advantageous position. So, while you focus on growing your business, a dedicated team of ReactJS developers works on your web apps.

Hiring ReactJS developers for your business can be exhausting, especially if you have tons of things to take care of. Here are the basic and critical skills required to hire ReactJS developers without making a recruitment mistake.

Let’s divide the skills into technical and non-technical.

Technical Skills

When hiring, look for ReactJS developers who have adequate knowledge, understanding, and experience in

  • JavaScript, object model, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, JSX, and more
  • Programming languages like NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, React Native, HTML, CSS3, JSON-API, and more
  • Typescript, Jest, Swagger, Typeform, Node-cache, Json-rules-engine, and more
  • Testing apps via unit and integration tests, etc.
  • Relational database (SQL Server) design and implementation
Non-Technical ( or Soft) Skills

Hire ReactJS Developers who are equally good while working in a team and communicating with the client.

  • Team player
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creativity
  • Accountability

A certified ReactJS developer undertakes a number of tasks to create web apps. Here are the broader roles and responsibilities of ReactJS developers:

  • Building robust, interactive, and dynamic web apps
  • Ensuring that the UI/UX matches the highest standards,
  • Converting written and visual designs, PSDs, and wireframes into front-end React components, features, or pages on the user interface.
  • Creating reusable components and APIs, and compiling them into front-end libraries
  • Monitoring and optimizing component design and performance across an array of web-capable browsers and devices.
  • Collaborate with engineers, UI/UX designers, and other agile team members
  • Client reporting and weekly/monthly performance reviews
  • QA testing to fix bugs and performance issues.
  • Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies

ReactJS developers specialize in developing powerful web applications using the React JavaScript library. They help with:

  • Building user interfaces: ReactJS developers use the free and open-source front-end JavaScript library to create interactive and responsive user interfaces for business applications.
  • Developing reusable components: ReactJS allows developers to create reusable components that can be shared across multiple applications, reducing development time and improving maintainability.
  • Improving performance: ReactJS developers can optimize the performance of web applications by using techniques such as lazy loading, code splitting, and server-side rendering.
  • Integrating with other technologies: ReactJS developers have the know-how to integrate with many technologies such as Redux, GraphQL, and Firebase that result in the creation of powerful applications.
  • Debugging and testing: ReactJS developers are responsible for ensuring the code is bug-free and in compliance with the highest standards.
  • Keeping up with the latest trends: ReactJS developers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in web development to ensure they are using the most efficient and effective techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have ReactJS developers with at least 5 years of experience. With more than 50 projects already delivered and another dozen under development, we have our platter full of ReactJS projects. Regardless of the size or scale of the project, we assure you world-class ReactJS development at competitive prices in India.

With BOT, you can hire ReactJS developers ( 4-6 years of exp.) at a rate of $20 per hour. You have the option to build a dedicated team or ask for a custom arrangement for a specific project. Please get in touch with us and find out the project estimate.

For as many hours as you want. At BOT, hire ReactJS developers on an hourly basis, part-time, or full-time. The choice is yours. We provide hiring flexibility so that you can accomplish your project goals without any sacrifice.

Yes, absolutely. Our ReactJS Developers are available to work as per your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST) for as long as you want.

Yes, we sign comprehensive NDAs that protect the product code from any unauthorized access or malpractice. Once delivered, you retain 100% ownership of the product.

We understand that every project is a challenge. Though we try to do our best, if we have fallen short of your expectations, we are ready to provide a quick replacement for ReactJS developers.

Also, you can try our 7-day trial service that enables you to try our development services without paying a dollar. Feel free to immediately discontinue if you are not happy by the end of the week.

Yes, we do provide web app support and maintenance after the successful deployment. We troubleshoot and provide software upgrades, continuous monitoring, and other performance optimization services for your ReactJS product.

With BOT as your offshore development partner, you can hire a ReactJS developer in less than 2 days! However, it may take upto to 7 days if you have complex project requirements. Our team collaborates with the client and pulls together pre-vetted and certified ReactJS developers tailored to your project requirements and budget. We are effective and efficient in what we do, so you do not have to wait for long.

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