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Build Offshore Team is the leading partner in QA testing services for web apps of any industry. Our quality assurance experts ensure that your software solutions are reliable and operational. With BOT, you get-

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What Does BOT QA & Testing
Service Offer?

At Build Offshore Team, we deliver high-quality Software Testing Services for your business in the committed time frame. We offer development services with 100% client satisfaction.

Client Confidentiality

BOT guarantees client privacy by signing NDAs to protect product codes and data from unauthorized access, ensuring tight security.

Project Management

For every project, we appoint a dedicated project manager who looks after the software development cycle. They ensure smooth conversations between the clients and the testers.

Reduced Testing Costs

When you outsource your QA tester team, you reduce the testing costs by approximately 70%.

Flexible Hiring

Easily hire a QA services company and select an individual tester or a team of testers to meet your project requirements.

Faster Turnaround

Our skilled QA app testing services team consistently provides high-quality solutions while following international standards for coding and quality.

Enterprise Grade QA Team

With qualifications, certifications, and a demonstrated history, we offer software testing consulting for top-tier stores, startups, scaleups, and enterprises alike.

QA Software Testing Services Offered
by Build Offshore Team

Multiple Testing

Our experts test in various ways to ensure thorough evaluation. They assess performance, functionality, compatibility, usability, localization, and other types of testing.

Code Quality Assessment

We ensure code quality and compliance with coding conventions through a combination of manual code review and automated code audits. Our services also include comprehensive software compliance checks.

Mobile App Testing

We thoroughly test mobile apps on different devices, including planning, executing, reporting bugs, and providing detailed feedback.

Web App Testing

We test web applications thoroughly to ensure smooth user experiences, focusing on functionality, usability, and browser compatibility.

Software Product Testing

Our seasoned experts conduct thorough testing of software products to uphold impeccable quality and reliability, adhering to stringent standards of excellence.

Application Testing

We provide comprehensive end-to-end testing services, ensuring functionality, performance, and reliability. This encompasses test planning, test case development, execution, and meticulous defect management.

Looking to Expert Software Testing Services?

BOT gives you the opportunity to screen, select and hire Expert Software Testing Services in a few clicks. Share what’s on your mind and launch your project in less than 7 days.

Hire the Best Software Testing
Company in India

Build Offshore Team ranks among some of the best QA consulting companies in the industry. Establish an internal team or effortlessly hire our quality assurance professionals.

Choose the option that is perfect for your business.

Parameters of Comparison Hire Expert Software testing Services from BOT Hiring In-House
Time to recruit Less than 7 Days 30-45 Days
Cost of development Low High
Resource Availability At Client’s Requested Time Absenteeism May Impact
Diverse Skills High May or May Not Be Adequate
Flexibility of Scaling High Low
Agile Development Yes Uncertain
Resource Replacement Fast Slow
IT Tools and Technologies Advanced High or Low
Termination Costs Low High
Project Delivery Time Faster Dependent on Work Load

Hiring Software Testing Service
Providers Made Easier

Get access to the information regarding all the QA testers in a single place with the Build Offshore Team.


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Technologies Used by Our Software
Testing Services Company in India

Our certified Expert Software Testing Services use the latest tools and technologies to create online stores that help merchants achieve their revenue goals.

Our Application Testing Services Process

At Build Offshore Team, our software QA services follow a detailed testing process to ensure high-quality results.


Project Analysis

Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your project requirements, budget and timeline.


UI & UX Designing

Our agile development team builds wireframes and prototypes for client approval.


QA Testing & Deployment

Our team prepares deployment after testing for bugs, security, and more.


Project Proposal

We will brainstorm creative ideas and share a blueprint that underlines project deliverables and timelines.



Our team starts with Your Project development and make continuous changes based on the client's feedback.

Hire Our QA Team for Software Testing
for Different Industry Verticals

Through BOT, our software testing experts will conduct performance evaluations and security checks. The test managers enhance software quality using a range of testing tools

Banking & Finance

Propel innovation in the banking and finance sector. Get custom web and mobile app fintech solutions.


How about having an AI-enabled web or app store for your automotive agency?


Build robust and secure healthcare apps that can be easily used by doctors, patients, nurses, and more.

Travel & Tourism

Upgrade travel and tourism business with e-ticketing systems, fleet management tools, and more.

Education & Training

Leverage advanced technologies to build learning management systems, e-portals, and other software solutions.

Logistics & Transportation

Effectively manage trade operations and logistics with cutting-edge software development solutions.


Leveraging advanced technologies like AR/VR, IoT, AI & Blockchain for smart retail and wholesale software solutions.

Media & Entertainment

We build high-performance CMS and software products for media and entertainment companies.


We design and develop sophisticated web and mobile solutions for lawyers, legal consultants, and law firms.

How Hiring Quality Assurance
Companies Work

With BOT, we ensure that the quality assurance experts you hire are highly skilled in performance testing.


Share Your Project Needs.


Screen and Shortlist Candidates.


Hire and Start Onboarding.


Kick Start Your Project!

Our Engagement Model

BOT provides three engagement models depending on your project deliverables, budget, and timeline.



Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Time Hourly

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Retainer/Fixed Cost

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

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Hiring Guide for Software Testing
Solutions Experts

QA testing experts play a crucial role in the software development process. They are responsible for ensuring the software is top-notch using different testing methodologies.

Hiring QA (Quality Assurance) testing experts is essential for several reasons:

Customer Satisfaction: QA testing experts help prevent issues that could lead to poor user experiences, customer complaints, or lost business opportunities.

Compliance & Standards: QA experts can ensure that the product adheres to these standards, reducing legal and compliance risks.

User Feedback: QA experts collect user feedback through testing and use it to improve the product during development.

Test Automation: QA experts can use automated test scripts to speed up testing and ensure consistency across different product versions.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: QA experts can test the product on different devices, browsers, and operating systems to ensure it works correctly across various platforms.

When hiring software testing experts, it's important to look for a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and domain-specific knowledge. Here are some key skills and qualities to consider:

  • Proficiency in various testing methodologies such as manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, and security testing.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, or others, depending on your automation tools.
  • Knowing the right testing tools for your project, like load testing, security testing, or mobile testing frameworks.
  • Effective communication is crucial for reporting defects, collaborating with developers, and conveying testing results.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team, collaborate with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Depending on the project, you might look for specialists in areas such as security testing, performance testing, or mobile app testing.

Software testers play a crucial role in the software development process. They ensure the reliability, functionality, and defect-free nature of the software before releasing it to users.

Test Planning: Create a test plan that outlines the testing scope, objectives, test cases, and resource requirements.

Test Design: Develop detailed test cases and test scripts based on software requirements and design specifications.

Test Execution: Execute test cases manually or using automated testing tools. Record and report defects, issues, and deviations from expected behavior.

Collaboration: Work closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand requirements and resolve issues.

Feedback: Provide feedback and suggestions for improving software quality throughout the development lifecycle.

Quality Assurance (QA) testing companies can work on a wide range of projects across various industries and domains. They can do many different projects and customize their testing services to fit their client's needs.

Web and Mobile Applications Testing: QA companies frequently test web and mobile applications, ensuring that they function correctly across different browsers, devices, and platforms.

E-commerce Testing: QA companies can test e-commerce websites and applications to ensure smooth user experiences, secure payment processing, and accurate inventory management.

Financial Software Testing: QA experts test financial software such as banking apps, trading platforms, and accounting software. Their goal is to ensure that the data is accurate and secure.

Gaming Testing: Game studios use QA testing companies to test games for bugs and improve player experiences. They test functionality, compatibility, performance, and multiplayer.

Mobile App Testing: QA testing companies focus on mobile app testing to ensure compatibility with different mobile devices, operating systems, and screen sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Certainly, we, as your QA software testing company, have the capability to seamlessly take over from your current vendor. We have established a streamlined transition process to ensure a smooth handover, minimizing any disruption to the development workflow.

Our quality assurance testing services work 24/7 to meet project deadlines and deliver projects on time. We employ agile development methodologies, empowering us to swiftly adapt to evolving requirements and expedite product delivery.

We uphold our commitment to 100% transparent communication. Clients can directly reach our team through live chat, video calls, or email. To ensure our clients stay informed about every project detail, we leverage cutting-edge tools like Teams, Jira, Confluence, and Slack.

At Build Offshore Team, we employ a variety of testing methods, including manual, automated, functional, performance, security, and usability testing. This comprehensive approach ensures rigorous testing of software to meet stringent quality standards. Our skilled QA team uses various testing methods and tools to provide excellent testing services to our clients.

The cost of hiring software quality assurance (QA) testing services can vary widely depending on several key factors. First and foremost, the complexity of your software project plays a pivotal role in determining the cost. More intricate projects with complex functionalities typically require more extensive testing efforts, which can increase costs.

Moreover, the type of testing required, such as functional, regression, performance, or security testing, will also impact pricing. The scope of testing, including the number of test cases, platforms, and environments, can further influence costs.

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