Facing Talent Crunch?
Hire Dedicated
Development Team

Scale offshore delivery with a highly-qualified and experienced
dedicated team of developers.

  • Build Your Own Development Team
  • Agile Methodology
  • Cut down upto 60% in Development Costs
  • Extensive NDAs
  • 200

  • 30

    Industries Served
  • 2800


When You Need to Hire
Dedicated Development Team?

Long-Term Projects

For projects that are complicated and require long-term commitment.

Product Development

Build a product from the ground up without investing your resources

Expand Tech Capabilities

For projects that require specific skillset and industry expertise

Faster Development

Rapidly turn your product idea into prototype and development


Hire dedicated software development team and kick-off your project

Robust IT Solutions

Build top-class mobile and web app solutions without cutting corners.

How A Dedicated Team Model Works?

At Build Offshore Team, we work with software clients as per the standard dedicated team model framework.

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    Director Of Software Development
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    Director Of Software Development
  • Weekly / Monthly Report Weekly / Monthly Report
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Why Hire Dedicated Development
Team from Build Offshore Team?

At Build Offshore Team, we don’t simply build products but build teams and resources that are integral to your project's success.

Access Top Tech Talent

Hire DevOps engineers, UI/UX, QAs, business analysts, PMs, etc.

Agile Approach

Adapts and accommodates your changing project needs.

Screen, Hire & Build

Choose who’s and who’s not in your dev team.


Save big on office space, hiring, training, and other operational costs

Flexible Hiring Model

Pay hourly, fixed or based on the project requirements.

Quick Turnaround Time

Deliver projects, on time, every time

Scalable IT Infrastructure

Leverage full-stack IT hardware and software tools and frameworks.

Reliable Support

Get 24/7 technical assistance during and after the delivery.

Managed Operations

Enjoy complete project control via phone, email, or skype.

Ready to Outsource Software Development Overseas?

Dedicated software development team services are right for your business!

Technology Stack

Discover the latest software development stack, including programming languages, frameworks, tools, libraries, and other technologies. Make way for incredible IT products and solutions like web, and mobile apps.

Which Is The Right Engagement Model for
Outsourced Dev Projects?

The selection of an engagement model has a direct impact on your project outcomes. Let’s compare the three engagement models.


Dedicated Team

Hire a dedicated development team for projects that require specialized and scalable talent missing in your in-house team.

When to opt:
  • For long-term IT projects with varying requirements
  • Scale your in-house team
  • Improve the turnaround time
  • Talented and dependable team
  • Work with a niche development team
  • Monitor the real-time progress of your project
  • Demands extra time to manage multiple projects.
  • Ineffective for short-term projects

Fixed Price

Hire a dedicated team of software developers on a fixed-price contract. No ambiguity. Just stay on the course.

When to opt:
  • For projects with clearly defined deliverables and timelines
  • For small or short-term projects
  • For testing products before launch (MVPs)
  • Fixed price
  • Simple and easy-to-understand project workflows
  • Faster project execution
  • Limited scalability and client control
  • Minimal control over project

Time and Materials

Hire a dedicated team of developers that’s paid for time and resources used for successful project completion.

When to opt:
  • For projects with flexible workflows
  • For projects that require numerous iterations
  • For projects with a defined or limited scope of work
  • Experience greater project flexibility and scalability
  • Low-risk engagement model
  • Clear communication & collaboration
  • No control over project budget
  • Project timelines are not fixed

Why Hire Us As Your Offshore
Team in India?



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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no certain answer to it as each software company has a unique purpose. Let’s find out how in-house and dedicated development teams are different.

In-House Team
  • Pros
  • Reliable and accountable
  • Retains IP rights
  • Transferable skills
  • Seamless project coordination and communication
  • Foster team bonding and loyalty
  • Cons
  • High overhead costs
  • Scarcity of on-demand skillset
  • Consumes time and effort in nurturing the team
Dedicated Development Team
  • Pros
  • Driven to achieve common project goals
  • On-demand team scaling
  • Build team for long-term goals and deliverables
  • No overhead costs
  • Improved business productivity
  • Cons
  • Cultural differences
  • Not suitable for short-term projects

One of the most pressing reasons behind hiring a dedicated development team from India is cheap labor costs without sacrificing quality.

Going by the stats, the cost of hiring a full-time software developer, in 2023, is estimated between 28K and 35K. Comparing it with 60% savings in outsourcing software development, there’s no room for doubt that a dedicated development team wins hands out.

As you hire a team of dedicated developers, you can save on

  • Hiring and training in-house software developers
  • Employee incentives
  • Purchasing or renting business space
  • Building tech stack ( software, technologies, etc.)
  • Utility bills, etc.

A typical dedicated software development team would have IT experts from diverse skill sets and industry experiences:

  • Front end engineers
  • Backend engineers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Programmers
  • Coders
  • QA engineers
  • Business/Data analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project managers and more

Share your project needs and we will assemble an offshore development team in the fastest time possible.

Our dedicated development team for hire provides the following benefits:

  • It is cost-efficient and saves your business from spending on hiring, training, and managing developers in-house.
  • It is dedicated to one project only. 100% committed to making software delivery an absolute success.
  • It enables you to harness the potential of overseas talent.
  • It allows you to establish honest and transparent communication protocols with the hired developers.
  • It reduces the turnaround time on business projects.
  • It can be scaled as the project needs vary. Add more developers or reduce the team size; build more tech stack or purchase software, etc.
  • It strengthens your existing software capacity.

At Build Offshore Team, we have simplified hiring a dedicated development team model in simple and easy steps.

  • Share your project needs ( i.e. team skills, IT & software tools and technologies, industry experience, project methodology, and size).
  • We will schedule candidates for interviews and final screening with the client.
  • We complete the documentation with the selected candidates.
  • The team is ready to roll out!

The cost of hiring a dedicated development team depends on many factors, including

  • Project scope and deliverables
  • Project timeline
  • Team size
  • Desired qualification and skill set
  • Tech stack
  • Industry experience, or certifications
  • IT engagement model

Share what’s on your mind with Build Offshore Team and get a rough estimate for the project cost.

The hired dedicated development team works remotely but the offshore client has control over the project lifecycle. Some of the ways you can manage remote teams:

  • Determine and share measurable project deliverables
  • Set and share realistic project timeline
  • Delegate project tasks among the team members
  • Introduce remote project management tools for real-time updates and monitoring
  • Schedule regular project review calls

As your offshore partner, rest assured that you’ll get a professional team that works dedicatedly for your project and in sync with your expectations.

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