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What BOT Android Developers
for Hire Bring to the Table?

At Build Offshore Team, Android developers engage in application software development that helps you drive value to your business.

Years of Record

BOT has over 9 years of experience and a successful track record in delivering Android projects for clients in various industries.

Complete Client Confidentiality

BOT promises to sign NDAs that ensure your business clients keep full ownership of their code, giving you peace of mind.

Dedicated Project Manager

For each Android developer hired, a manager will connect the developers and the client to ensure a smooth application development process.


By teaming up with BOT for offshore Android development, you can choose the hiring option that best fits your client's needs. Whether you need one developer, a team of 4-5 experts, or a personalized arrangement, we've got you covered.

Timely Delivery

Our team of Android developers is well-versed in sprint and contemporary agile development methodologies. We excel at delivering value incrementally and are skilled at adjusting to evolving project requirements.

Easy Deployment

Creating Android apps is fast, giving businesses an advantage to quickly launch their new ideas in the market.

Looking to Hire Android Developers?

BOT enables you to hire the best Android developers without spending your valuable business time and money. Share what’s on your mind and we will put everything together for your next project.

Hire a Remote Android
Developer with BOT vs. Starting
an In-House Team

Building an Android application can be a tricky deal if your developer is not right. You have the option to either hire an external team or assemble your own team. Make a rational decision and decide what's best for your business.

Parameters of Comparison Hire Android Developers from BOT Hiring In-House
Time to recruit Less than 7 Days 30-45 Days
Cost of development Low High
Resource Availability At Client’s Requested Time Absenteeism May Impact
Diverse Skills High May or May Not Be Adequate
Flexibility of Scaling High Low
Agile Development Yes Uncertain
Resource Replacement Fast Slow
IT Tools and Technologies Advanced High or Low
Termination Costs Low High
Project Delivery Time Faster Dependent on Work Load

Hiring an Android App Developer in India is Easier Now


Start with 7-Day Free Trial

With BOT, you have 40 hrs of our development time for your project. Hire and continue even after the trial period.


Need Consultation Before Hiring?

Contact us and speak to one of our consultants. Share your project idea, preferences, tech stacks, and more.


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Our Android App Development Technology Stack

PHP is an open-source, general scripting language, that is embedded in HTML in the simplest form. Here are the technologies that you can use.

Our Hired Android App Development Company Working Model

At Build Offshore Team, you get to hire Android app developers at costs that are better than running a team. Our mobile app developers follow a dedicated process with thorough research.



Our team studies your business needs and conducts extensive research to determine the best solution for your project needs.



Our agile software developers use selected languages, frameworks, technologies, and platforms to build customized solutions.


Go live and support

The product is deployed. Our team provides dedicated post-dev support and maintenance for your software solutions.



We work on wireframes, software architecture, user interfaces, and prototypes. Prototypes are tested and finalized after the client's feedback.



We conduct rigorous tests to ensure the product is 100% bug-free and matches the expected project requirements.

Hire an Android Developer
Online for End-to-End Services

Native & Hybrid App Development

Hire Android app developers who create high-performing native and hybrid apps that work well on different platforms. We ensure a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

App Upgradation & Maintenance

Enhance the features and capabilities of your Android applications. We use an agile framework to plan and release updates regularly. We also provide maintenance services based on user feedback.

Custom Android Applications

If the mentioned services do not cover your special app requirements, you can hire our Android app developers. They create customized apps to meet your specific needs.

UI/UX Design

Our designers follow Android app guidelines to improve visuals, compatibility, and security, enhancing the overall quality and design.

Third Party Integration

Achieve seamless integration of your Android apps with your pre-existing backend applications such as CMS and ERP. This helps in enhancing operational efficiency to the fullest.

Blockchain Apps

Our Android app developers possess the expertise to harness Blockchain technology and create tailored apps according to your specific needs.

How Hiring App Developer for Android Development Works

At BOT, you can hire the best Android developers for your next project easily and you're good to go.


Share Your Project Needs.


Screen and Shortlist Candidates.


Hire and Start Onboarding.


Kick Start Your Project!

Our Engagement Model

BOT provides three engagement models depending on your project deliverables, budget, and timeline.


Dedicate/Project Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Time & Hourly Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Retainer/Fixed Cost Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Why Hire Us As Your Offshore
Team in India?



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Guide for Hiring Dedicated Android Developers

Hiring Android app developers can be a crucial decision for many businesses and organizations. There are several reasons why you might want to hire Android app developers:

  • Platform Reach: Creating an Android app can help you reach many different users, which may boost your app's visibility and user growth.
  • Cost Efficiency: Developing applications with Bubble.io requires fewer costs as compared to traditional coding.
  • Customization: Android offers a high level of customization, allowing developers to create apps tailored to specific business needs and user preferences.
  • Google Play Store: Developers usually find Android apps on the Google Play Store and know how to submit and get them approved.
  • Security : Android app developers are knowledgeable about the security considerations specific to the Android platform. They can implement best practices to protect user data and app integrity.
  • Innovation:Android app developers can assist you in remaining competitive in the mobile app market. They do this by bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to your projects.

When hiring Android developers, look for candidates with both technical and soft skills necessary for successful Android app development.

Here is a list of skills and qualifications to consider when hiring Android developers:

  • Proficiency in Java and Kotlin, which are the primary programming languages for Android app development.
  • Knowledge of Android's user interface (UI) guidelines and design principles to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs, web services, and the ability to make network requests using libraries like Retrofit or Volley.
  • Skill in writing unit tests, UI tests, and conducting debugging and profiling using tools like Android Studio and Android Profiler.
  • Effective communication skills for collaborating with team members, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills to work effectively with designers, testers, and other developers.
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues, find solutions, and optimize code for efficiency and performance.

An Android developer is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining mobile applications specifically for the Android platform.

Here are the typical roles and responsibilities of an Android developer:

  • Android developers use Java, Kotlin, Flutter, or React Native to create Android apps, whether native or cross-platform.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code that adheres to Android development best practices and guidelines.
  • Integrate external APIs, libraries, and services into the app for features like authentication, payment processing, and data storage.
  • Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation for the app's codebase, architecture, and development processes.
  • Make sure the app functions on many Android devices, with various screen sizes, orientations, and Android OS versions.
  • Monitor app performance in real time, collect user analytics, and use crash reporting tools to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Android developers play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of Android applications. They contribute to various aspects of the app development process and help with the following:

  • App Conceptualization: Android developers can provide input and insights during the initial stages of app conceptualization.
  • UI/UX Design: Android developers collaborate with UI/UX designers to implement user interfaces that are visually appealing, intuitive, and functional on Android devices.
  • Security Implementation: They implement security measures to protect user data and ensure the app's compliance with security best practices.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: They watch how well the app is doing, gather information about users, and fix problems quickly using crash reports.
  • Staying Current: Android developers keep up with the latest in Android tech, tools, and trends to add new features to apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring an Android development team entails a comprehensive evaluation process that extends beyond mere recruitment. At BOT, we select Android developers who possess the required skills and experience to write code according to industry standards. We carefully choose these developers.

We select developers with extensive knowledge of Android app development. They should also excel in programming in Java and Kotlin. Additionally, we prioritize candidates who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions. We prioritize candidates who are not only technically adept but also demonstrate a commitment to creating exceptional user experiences.

At BOT, you can hire Android developers according to your needs. They are available for hire on an hourly basis, part-time, or full-time. We prioritize your project needs and give you the flexibility to select the engagement model that suits your goals. We never compromise achieving your project objectives with rigid hiring structures.

If you are not happy with your Android developer, you can talk to our service manager. It doesn't happen often, but they will help you. They will act as an intermediary, diligently addressing any concerns you may have and working towards a mutually agreeable solution. If needed, we can help you change developers to make sure your project succeeds and you are happy with our services.

The time it takes for a hired Android app developer to build an app can vary significantly based on several factors. Factors that affect app development include app complexity, required features and functionality, developer skill and experience, development methodology, and unexpected challenges.

We have a strong process to protect your product code from unauthorized access or unethical activities. We use Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to ensure this. When we deliver the product, you will retain full ownership, thus protecting your intellectual property.

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