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Turn your app idea vision into reality by hiring our iOS development agency. We work closely with you to design your iOS app. When you hire iOS app developers from us, you get:

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How Does Hiring Dedicated iOS Developers
from BOT Help?

Our highly recommended developers have the experience and skill set needed to create iOS apps with a friendly user interface. The developers are easy to work with and offer several advantages to your business.

Seasoned iOS Developers

With BOT, you can connect with skilled iOS developers who can make various applications for iOS. These developers can handle a variety of projects ranging from straightforward to intricate projects.

On-Time Delivery

Our team of iOS developers is highly proficient in the framework and adept at employing an agile approach. They tailor the project's pace to align with the project's timeline and requirements.

Prioritising Client Privacy

We guarantee that our clients maintain full ownership of the product code through the implementation of thorough Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This safeguards against any unauthorized copying of code by external parties.

Self-Learning Time

The BOT offers iOS developers 35-40 hours of dedicated learning time every quarter. This time specifically helps them enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest features in their field.

Dedicated Project Manager

To facilitate efficient communication between our team and the client, we designate a dedicated manager. This manager serves as a vital link, conveying suggestions and providing feedback to ensure seamless collaboration.

International Coding Standards

Our developers possess extensive expertise and consistently produce clean, error-free code. The code they create adheres to the coding standards set by W3C and ECMA Script, ensuring compatibility.

Looking to Hire ios Developers?

BOT enables you to hire the best ios app developers without spending your valuable business time and money. Share what's on your mind and we will put everything together for your next project.

Hire iOS App Developers in India
with BOT or Hire for In-House Team

Hiring iOS app development experts for your business can be a rewarding step in the mobile application development process.

Choose between hiring offshore iOS developers or hiring an in-house team.

Parameters of Comparison Hire ios Developers from BOT Hiring In-House
Time to recruit Less than 7 Days 30-45 Days
Cost of development Low High
Resource Availability At Client’s Requested Time Absenteeism May Impact
Diverse Skills High May or May Not Be Adequate
Flexibility of Scaling High Low
Agile Development Yes Uncertain
Resource Replacement Fast Slow
IT Tools and Technologies Advanced High or Low
Termination Costs Low High
Project Delivery Time Faster Dependent on Work Load

Hiring iOS Application Developers is Easier Now

Get accurate information regarding the iOS app developers for hire with the Build Offshore Team.


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Our Streamlined iOS Platform Software Developers Hiring Process


Project Analysis

Our team will run initial discussions to analyze your project needs.


Designing & Development

Our agile team designs and develops web apps using the latest tools and technologies.


Post-Deployment Support

Our team provides dedicated app support and maintenance for optimal performance, safety, and software updates.



Our team prepares and shares the blueprint with the client, including project deliverables and timelines.


Testing & Deployment

Our team performs comprehensive QA testing before deploying the app.

Hire iOS Mobile App Developers
for Our Development Services

By hiring our remote iOS developers, you get to take the benefits of the following services

Native and iOS App Development

Our iOS app developers use technologies that include UIKit, XCode IDE, iOS graphics APIs, OpenGL, Swift 4.2, and Objective C. We can make a customized app for your industry, even if the requirements are complicated.

iOS App Upgradation

Elevate your user experience by bringing on board a remote iOS app developer who can ensure frequent updates for your app. Our iOS developers can transform important data and old applications into modern iOS apps quickly. This will help you stay updated with the latest technology.

iOS App Testing

Our QA team has expertise in manual and automated testing tools, such as XCode, to improve your iOS app's performance. Moreover, our testing services instill confidence in the seamless operation of your software across a wide range of popular iOS devices.

App Store Deployment

Our experts review the App Store process, making decisions based on guidelines and ensuring quick approval. Once we have approved it, we ensure that the app is live and available for download to the public.

Support & Maintenance

In addition to app development, we extend post-launch support and maintenance services to our clients. Our developers are at your disposal 24/7, aligning with your preferred time zone for seamless assistance and ongoing project care.

Multiple Industries, Single Developer

Our developers offer a wide range of services and can create web applications, develop products, and make mobile games. They are also skilled in building e-commerce apps and creating dynamic websites.

Why Hire Us As Your Offshore
Team in India?



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How Hiring iOS Developers in India Works

At BOT, you can hire an iOS game developer or iOS app developer for your next project. Screen, recruit, and the developers are ready to be a part of your project.


Share Your Project Needs.


Screen and Shortlist Candidates.


Hire and Start Onboarding.


Kick Start Your Project!

Our Engagement Models

BOT provides three engagement models depending on your project deliverables, budget, and timeline.


Dedicate/Project Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Time & Hourly Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Retainer/Fixed Cost Basis

Set up your world-class in-house tech team based on your requirements that becomes an integrated part of your business.

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 month

Hiring Guide for iOS App Developers

Hiring iOS developers can be a strategic decision for several reasons, especially if you're planning to develop and maintain iOS applications for the Apple ecosystem.

Here are some compelling reasons for hiring iOS developers:

  • Access to a Lucrative Market: By developing iOS apps, you can tap into this large and affluent user base, potentially increasing your app's reach and revenue.
  • User Experience: iOS developers know Apple's design rules and can make attractive and easy-to-use apps, improving user happiness.
  • Regular Updates: Apple frequently releases new versions and updates of iOS. iOS developers are highly skilled at ensuring that apps are compatible with the latest iOS releases.
  • Native App Performance: iOS apps perform better than cross-platform or web apps, making them ideal for resource-intensive tasks and demanding applications.
  • Data Analytics: iOS developers can use analytics tools to track user behavior, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions for app improvement.

Candidates for iOS developer positions need technical skills, soft skills, and domain-specific knowledge to get hired.

  • Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C: Swift is Apple's primary programming language for iOS app development, and proficiency in Swift is a must.
  • Xcode and Interface Builder: iOS developers should be proficient in using Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment, and Interface Builder for designing app interfaces visually.
  • Version Control: Familiarity with version control systems like Git is essential for collaborative development and code management.
  • App Store Guidelines: Knowing Apple's App Store rules and creating compliant apps is vital for successful app submissions.
  • Testing: Experience with unit testing, UI testing, and test-driven development (TDD) to ensure the quality and reliability of iOS applications.

The roles and responsibilities of an iOS developer can vary depending on the specific job, company, and project requirements.

However, here are some common roles and responsibilities associated with iOS developer positions:

  • Programming: To write efficient code, you can use Swit and utilize iOS frameworks such as UIKit, Core Data, and Core Animation.
  • App Architecture: Selecting and implementing suitable app architecture patterns (e.g., MVC, MVVM, VIPER) to organize code and ensure scalability and maintainability.
  • Performance Optimization: Profiling and optimizing app performance, including minimizing memory usage, improving responsiveness, and enhancing battery efficiency.
  • API Integration: Integrating with external APIs and web services to fetch and process data, including handling authentication and security.
  • App Store Submission: Getting apps ready for the Apple App Store, following Apple's rules, and fixing any problems that come up during the review.

iOS developers play a crucial role in creating iOS apps for Apple's ecosystem. They also provide assistance in various stages of the app development process.

Here are some of the key areas where iOS developers provide assistance:

  • Database Management: They handle data storage within the app, using technologies like Core Data or other databases to manage and retrieve data efficiently.
  • Testing: iOS developers conduct unit testing and UI testing to ensure the app functions correctly and is free of defects.
  • Continuous Improvement: iOS developers stay updated on the latest iOS trends to improve their skills and bring innovative ideas to projects.
  • User Support: They provide technical support and address user feedback and issues through app updates and enhancements.
  • Device Compatibility: Ensuring that the app functions seamlessly on various iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team boasts iOS developers with more than 9 years of experience. Over the years, they've successfully delivered various projects and currently handling a dozen more in development. Regardless of the project's scope or complexity, we guarantee top-tier iOS development services at competitive prices within the Indian market.

At BOT, you can hire iOS developers on your own terms, whether it's hourly, part-time, or full-time. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that you can pursue your project objectives without any compromises.

When you get in touch with our team at Build Offshore Team, we ensure the hiring process is smooth for you. After talking about your app idea and business, it usually takes 2-3 days to hire iOS developers for the app development.

Hiring a developer offshore can be a cost-effective option, but the extent of cost savings depends on various factors. Offshore developers often come at a lower hourly rate compared to developers in regions with higher labor costs. This can lead to significant savings in terms of salaries and operational expenses.

Offshore developers offer various pricing options. These options include project-based or dedicated teams. You can select the option that best suits your budget.

Our team of highly skilled developers works continuously to improve their skills in order to enhance your application. In case of an event where the developers for your project's work are not satisfactory, we'll provide a quick revision.

Before hiring us, we recommend that you start with our 7-day trial to understand our operations. This will help you understand our operations and make you familiar to our operations.

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