Top 12 Webflow Templates in 2023

Webflow is a powerful and versatile platform that allows you to create stunning websites without writing code. You can design, build, and launch responsive websites using Webflow’s visual interface and drag-and-drop elements. Webflow also offers a rich collection of templates that you can use to kickstart your web design projects. Find a Webflow template for your portfolio, blog, landing page, or e-commerce site that matches your needs and style.

In this article, we are going to highlight 12 top-notch Webflow templates of 2023 (up to now). These templates catch attention, serve a useful purpose, and allow you to customize them to match your own content and branding. Let’s examine them and see what they bring to the table.

1. SaasBox

SaasBox is a Webflow template that helps you create a website for your SaaS product. It has over 25 pages, with landing, pricing, blogs, case studies, integrations, eCommerce, careers, and other pages. You can customize the template with Webflow’s web design tools and connect it to your own domain. SaasBox has an appealing design, 3D graphics, a CMS, and a contact form to convert visitors into customers.

2. ZeroDesign

ZeroDesign is a Webflow template that allows you to create a stunning website for your digital agency. It has 10 static pages, including landing pages, about pages, contact pages, team pages, and FAQ pages. It also features CMS-managed pages for blogs, online stores, projects, and job opportunities. ZeroDesign is ideal for agencies to display their work and services professionally and elegantly.

3. Fashionable

Fashioable is a Webflow template that offers a stylish and functional website for digital agencies. It features a responsive design, a CMS system, and various pre-built pages to showcase your work and services. You can customize the template with Webflow’s web design tools and connect it to your own domain. Fashioable is a great choice for anyone who wants to create a professional and elegant online impression.

4. Yoga Plus

Yoga Plus is a web template designed for fitness and wellness, emphasizing yoga, pilates, meditation, and health-related content. It has a fresh and soothing design, with a calming color palette, a smooth animation, and a responsive layout. Yoga Plus includes a booking system, a class schedule, a blog section, and a newsletter subscription. You can customize your website with your logo, images, and content to make it welcoming for visitors.

5. MyCanvas

MyCanvas is a template for entertainment and media, like podcasts, music, videos, and other creative content. It has a vibrant and colorful design, with a gradient background, a parallax effect, and playful typography. MyCanvas features a media player, a blog section, a social media integration, and a contact form. MyCanvas provides you with the chance to build an interactive website by designing your own typefaces, visuals, and content.

6. Marketina

Marketina, a marketing and business template, serves startups, agencies, or any other online service. It has a sleek and modern design, with a gradient hero section, a sticky navbar, a smooth scroll, and a responsive layout. Marketina includes a pricing table, a testimonial slider, a blog section, and a contact form. You can modify colors, fonts, images, and content to make a professional and appealing website for your business.

7. Ai-Code

Ai-Code is a versatile technology and software template that supports SaaS, AI, and other digital products. It has a futuristic and minimalist design, with a dark mode, a neon accent, and a glitch effect. Ai-Code features a product showcase, a feature list, a pricing table, a blog section, and a contact form. Personalize Ai-Code with your preferred colors, fonts, images, and content to make a beautiful and distinctive website.

8. Medium

Medium is a flexible template for blogs and magazines that users can utilize for any kind of content. It has a clean and elegant design, with a light and dark mode toggle, a sidebar menu, a search function, and a responsive layout. Medium supports CMS collections, categories, tags, and authors, and allows you to create and manage your content easily. Personalize Medium with your style and make a beautiful website for your readers using custom colors, images, and content.

9. Launchify

Launchify is a new template for digital agencies and startups and it has horizontal scrolling, a parallax background, and a dynamic navbar. Launchify allows you to showcase your software, projects, services, and blog in a sleek and professional layout. Launchify comes with over 30+ pages, including 5 homepage variations, 3 blog variations, 3 pricing variations, and many more. You can easily customize Launchify with your own colors, fonts, icons, and content using Webflow’s code-free design tools.

10. Theatre 128

Theatre 128 is a template for movies and entertainment, suitable for cinema, theatre, or other media websites. It looks like a movie with a video background, a film slider, a ticket booking system, and a flexible design. Theatre 128 simplifies managing CMS collections, assessments, reviews, and previews, making content creation and management easy for you. Customize Theatre 128 with your own colors, fonts, images, and content to create an attractive website for visitors.

11. Bobs

Bobs is a unique Webflow template for restaurants, different from others in its visual style. Bobs’ template comes with 30+ predefined page templates that you can choose from and customize with Webflow’s code-free design tools. You can easily change the background colors, fonts, icons, and content to match your personal style and branding. Bobs’ template also supports CMS collections, grid and wide layout, lightbox gallery, and contact form. 

12. Pixlab

Pixlab, a Webflow template, caters to modern digital agencies and creative startups. It has a bold and unique style, with a horizontal scrolling effect, a parallax background, and a dynamic navbar. Pixlab allows you to showcase your software, projects, services, and blog in a sleek and professional layout. You can easily customize Pixlab with your own colors, fonts, icons, and content using Webflow’s code-free design tools.


These are some of the best Webflow templates of 2023 (so far). You can browse more templates on Webflow’s template marketplace and find the perfect one for your website. Webflow templates not only look amazing but also work seamlessly and efficiently.

Use Webflow’s design tools to customize and publish your website quickly. You can take advantage of quick, safe, and dependable hosting services. Webflow templates are a great way to save time and money and unleash your creativity and potential.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Webflow portfolio templates have a collection of more than 2000 business, Webflow blog templates, and portfolios. You can browse through these Webflow and eCommerce templates to get the best results for your website.

There are more than 2000 Webflow sample templates available on the platform. You have the option of going through the Webflow free templates page on the platform and choosing the one you need for your business. These cutting edge free Webflow portfolio templates will help small businesses kickstart their Webflow sites.

While coding skills are not required, having a basic understanding of web design principles can be beneficial. Webflow’s theme visual interface makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced designers. The platform allows you to create and personalize websites without coding. Skilled coders can also add custom code if they want.

After purchasing a Webflow template, you can import it into your Webflow account by selecting the “Add to Project” option. Once added to your projects, you can start customizing the template to meet your specific requirements.

Webflow often updates the Webflow website templates to ensure compatibility with the latest features on the Webflow platform. We recommend checking for updates and reviewing the template documentation for any new features or improvements.

Webflow templates offer a visual, code-free approach to web design, allowing users to customize pre-designed layouts easily. This is ideal for those without coding expertise and accelerates the design process. On the other hand, coding a website provides complete control and customization flexibility for developers, suitable for complex projects and specific requirements. The choice depends on the user’s preference, skill set, and the project’s complexity.

Yes, it is entirely possible to create a fully functional eCommerce website using Webflow landing page templates. Webflow has tools and features made for ecommerce, so users experience can be easily created and control online stores.

Use Webflow agency templates to add and customize products, design unique product pages, and shop safely. The platform supports integration with popular payment gateways, providing flexibility for transaction processing. With eye-catching designs and high-quality website builders, you can easily rank high on search engines.

Webflow’s shop responsive design capabilities ensure that your eCommerce site looks and functions well on a variety of devices. From inventory management to SEO optimization and customizable design, Webflow empowers users to create a tailored and visually appealing online shopping experience. The pricing of Webflow templates is also reasonable to ensure every business can take advantage of their services.

Webflow calendar websites are websites that use Webflow, a web design platform, to create and display calendars. Calendars are useful for showing dates, events, schedules, and other time-related information. Webflow lets users create and personalize calendars with web design tools like animations, interactions, CMS, and ecommerce. Webflow also provides a community of designers who share their calendar websites for others to browse, clone, and customize.